We broke the news of audacious and brazen corruption in the Dallas School District: in exchange for steering business to a vendor, the district's technology chief had been given -- among other lavish gifts -- exclusive use of and the right to name a 59-foot, $789,000 yacht, with a full-time captain. Our initial source had contacted the FBI and been ignored before reaching out to the newspaper. Eventually, the FBI, a DOJ Antitrust task force and the U.S. Department of Education, joined the hunt `and -- FBI agents confided -- tacked our stories to their bulletin board as a roadmap to indictments. Ultimately, a vendor and the technology chief were convicted and sentenced to federal prison for 10 years. The feds froze E-rate computer funding to the district, based on our report. And, two non-indicted top administrators at the district were forced to resign, based on the facts we revealed.  Back to home page.

Clip 10: Helping to land the big one? / Exclusive: DISD official, vendor say use of yachts didn't help contracts

We revealed that a Dallas schools computer vendor had given technology chief Ruben Bohuchot the frequent, free use of a yacht. As the FBI moved in to investigate, Bohuchot was pushed out of the district. By PETE SLOVER and JESSICA LEEDER

Clip 11: DISD kin got jobs at vendors / Exclusive: Trustee, technology chief backed '03 consortium contract

We reported nepotism tied to the same deals.By PETE SLOVER and JESSICA LEEDERThe grandson of a Dallas schools trustee and the son-in-law of the district's technology chief have both...

Clip 13: DISD's top cop, witness are tied / Exclusive: Police chief defends partnership with figure in FBI case

We tied the Dallas Schools police chief to the scandal.By PETE SLOVER and KENT FISCHER .

Clip 14: DISD's top cop quits / Chief turns in gear after report on dealings with vendor, witness

The day after the article laying out his suspect role, the school police chief quit.by KENT FISCHER and PETE SLOVERDallas school Police Chief Manny Vasquez stepped down Monday, a day after The Dallas Morning News reported on his business...